Verhoest Leek Harvesters

Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery supply the Verhoest range of manual leek harvesters, auto tray fillers, and leek peeling machines.

Verhoest have been constructing machines for agricultural industry for more than 140 years and this expertise and product knowledge allows them to build innovative and quality machines for today’s modern farmer.

Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery are the sole importers of Verhoest equipment covering the UK and Ireland and are experts on the full range of Verhoest manual and automatic leek harvesters, auto tray fillers and leek peeling machines and offer the very best advice on the most suitable machine for your needs.

Verhoest Automatic Leek Harvester

The Verhoest automatic leek harvester is equipped with an automatic box filler and can work autonomously without the need for a person at the back of the machine.

The machine automatically places the leeks in boxes and features include:

  • First shaker
  • Second shaker
  • Pressure gears that are close enough so that the leek is firmly held
  • Clamp strap
  • Hydraulically driven with pump unit from PTO

There are several options including:

  • Electric control
  • Larger tyres
  • Tipping system to release leeks onto a peeling machine
  • Manual picking

Verhoest Manual Leek Harvester

The Verhoest manual leek harvester offers excellent shaking quality without bruising the leek.

It has a picking output of 1600 kg/h in heavy soil and up to 2400 kg/h or more in light soil.

The soft belts ensure a better grip on moist and heavy soil and the automatic steering system steers the tractor left to right.

Options include:

  • All hydraulically operable from the tractor
  • Thicker belts on picking element
  • Hydraulic tilting of forklift to unload containers more easily
  • Automatic tray filler
  • Automatic plate filler

Verhoest Leek Peeling Machine

The Verhoest leek peeling machine works hydraulically and washes and peels leeks and cuts the roots and surplus green to size.

The peeling drums are easily adjustable via a lever and the speed of the tyres, drums and knives are adjustable.

Between 80 and 170 kg/hour (per person) can be achieved with the standard model.

Options include:

  • Carousel to gather the leeks behind the discharge table
  • Upright rack to sort the leek more easily
  • Possibility of cutting the leek stalk at less than 52 cm
  • Discharge conveyor for dirt or cleaning out system
  • Rinsing set-up on discharge table
  • The spraying arms can be adjusted to the heaviness of the soil

Verhoest Automatic Box Filler

The Verhoest Automatic Box Filler has manual or automatic filling and allows for all types of containers to be used.

It can work on its own without any additional people needed and is controlled from the operator in the tractor.

Verhoest Cabbage Harvester

The Verhoest cabbage harvester can be used for all types of cabbage including white cabbage, red cabbage, savoy cabbage and even cauliflower.

This cabbage harvester is pulled behind the tractor and a platform is provided at the back where the cabbage can be manually or automatically handled, either filling boxes on the machine or by an elevator to fill trailers running alongside.

Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery Verhoest Cabbage Harvester

Two special ‘pull-in’ belts and two ‘stars’ are fitted at the front that lift the cabbage out of the ground and is then carried along by the pull-in belts towards a stalk cutting unit that removes the root of the cabbage.

After cutting off the root, it is knocked away from the cabbage by a root thrower, meaning the root is removed from the machine and moved from falling into the next row.

The cabbage is transported upwards via two anti-slip belts.

Height control of the harvester can be done from the tractor cab or by using the optional depth control and height adjustable plates are fitted above the pull-in belts that guide the cabbage towards the blades.

The blades can also be adjusted in height so that the length of the stump can be chosen.

Options include:

  • Canopy top
  • Automatic depth control
  • Camera system
  • Foliage rollers for removing excess leaves
  • Electrical hydraulic controller
  • Side shift (500mm) for a much better view of the row
  • Automatic box filling

Verhoest YouTube Videos

What to see Verhoest products in action? Have a look at the YouTube videos below.

If you would like any further information on our Verhoest vegetable machinery range, please contact us.

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