Specialist Vegetable Machinery Parts Department

The Burdens Group Specialist Vegetable Machinery parts department carries a wide range of spare parts for all of the manufacturers we sell machinery for including Samon, Tumoba, Agriplanter, Struik, Tong, Agrator, Sauter, Sieger, and many others from stock, and any parts that we do not have we can obtain directly from the manufacturer.

Our Specialist Vegetable Machinery parts stocks are all held at our Sutterton depot near Boston in Lincolnshire, and we can ship to any part of the UK and Ireland.

We provide belting which can be made to measure. Any material can be supplied including moulded rubber, PVC and PU and the belts are available in a range of colours and backing types to suit different applications.

Belts that use sidewalls, cleats of different sizes, tracking strips, pocket belts, mesh belts, food quality belts can be supplied and fitted.

We keep a good range of metal belt joiners in stock too.

We can supply conveyor rollers to order, jump grader riddles, belting and rubber products.

We have in stock a wide range of Tong Engineering grading screens in widths ranging from 900mm to 2400mm.

Additionally screen repair kits in most sizes are available from stock too.

Most sizes of Tong Engineering conveyor rollers are available from stock, including EasyFill box filler return wheels.

Included in our parts stock are a range of parts for Walthambury weighers and stitching lines. These parts include pneumatic cylinders, rod end bearings, air regulators, thread cut cylinders and solenoid valves.

We stock parts for Swift Lift machines including sprockets, hydraulic ram seal kits, rollers, head rubbers and bearings.

We keep a wide range of parts in stock for Compas jump graders, including single and twin camshafts, springs, roller table chain and bearings.

There is a wide range of Newlong NP7 stitcher spare parts available from stock including consumables like needles, knives and feed dogs.

Handles, motors and drive belts and are available from stock and we also keep a small amount of spares for the Newlong DS9 stitcher.

Agriplanter Spare Parts

We have a good stock of spare parts for Agriplanter automatic planters available from our Sutterton depot that can be collected or sent via courier to anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

Agriplanter Spare Parts
Agriplanter spare parts available from stock

Samon Spare Parts

We carry a comprehensive range of sparts parts for Samon onion machinery. These includes shafts, webs, rollers, discs, wheels, shares, sprockets, bearings and many other parts.

Sieger Spare Parts

We have a good range of spare parts in stock for Sieger drain jetters and any parts we do not have, we can obtain quickly for you from the manufacturer.

Struik Spare Parts

Spare parts for the range of Struik equipment are available from stock at our Sutterton depot for collection or we can ship to any part of the UK and Ireland if required and these include various metal wearing parts such as flails.

Struik Spare Parts
Struik spare parts available from stock

Tumoba Spare Parts

We have a very comprehensive range of spare parts for Tumoba machinery available from stock for collection or delivery to any part of the UK and Ireland including filters, bearings, wearing parts, rollers, sprockets and more.

Verhoest Spare Parts

For any Verhoest spare parts, we carry stock for cabbage and leek harvesters including gearboxes, belts, bearings, rollers, hydraulic components and much more and we can deliver to the UK and Ireland, or you can collect from our Sutterton depot.

Verhoest Spare Parts
Verhoest spare parts available from stock

Tong Spare Parts

Our parts department carry a large stock of Tong spare parts including:

  • Tong EasyClean, Scotts Evolution fluted segments
  • Tong EasyFill box filler box-in sensors, position sensors, crop sensors and leads
  • Tong EasyFill box filler Interroll powered drive roller and idle drum roller
  • Tong EasyFill box fillers linear actuators (right and left hand in stock)
  • Tong EasyFill box filler return wheels, bushes, bearings and screws
  • Tong EasyFill return rollers 300mm – 1200mm, 40mm diameter
  • Tong metal grading screen repair kits, hooks, clips and spare parts

Chains and Sprockets

If it is chains, chain links and sprockets that you require, we have these available in various sizes with both simplex and duplex chains, along with Tong Hopper chain and links and various drive and idle sprockets.

We stock 100mm pitch bulk hopper attachment chain and links. 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ pitch simplex and duplex chain and links and sprockets available in all pitch sizes and in various bore and keyway sizes.

All Chain Sizes, Simplex & Duplex, Tong Hopper Chain & Links, Various Drive & Idle Sprockets
Various chains, links and sprockets


From stock we can supply various bearings including pillow block bearings, flange bearings, inserts, needle roller bearings, etc, from manufacturers including RHP, FAG and SKF.

Eaton DE1 and DE11 Inverters

We stock various Eaton DE1 and DE11 inverters ranging from 0.37kW up to 3kW.

Furthermore we can supply inverters such as Omron MX2 and Danfoss inverters up to 22kW.

Eaton DE11 Inverters

NP7 Stitchers and Stitcher Thread

NP7 handheld and fixed head stitchers are available from stock, plus all wearing parts including:

  • Fixed and moving knives
  • Feed dogs
  • Needles
  • Needle bars
  • Bushes

We can supply from stock, stitcher thread in different sizes ranging from 200gm cones through to 1.5kg, 5kg and even 10kg.

We will supply any quantity from one cone upwards – and no order is too small!

Stitcher thread: 200gm, 1.5kg, 5kg and 10kg

This is premium grade, guaranteed quality, lubricated polyester with a Nationwide delivery service available. See prices below.

Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery Stitcher Thread Price List

Belt Fasteners

We keep in stock all sizes of metal belt fasteners, BZP and stainless steel, with flexible joining wire and solid steel rods. These can be bought over the counter or fitted onsite.

Flexco Alligator size RS125 staple fastening system is ideal for a minimum pulley diameter of 3” (75 mm) and belt thicknesses ranging from 1/8” to 3/16” (3.2 mm to 4.8 mm).  

Flexco Alligator size RS187 staple fastening system is ideal for a minimum pulley diameter of 4” (102 mm) and belt thicknesses ranging from 3/16” to 1/4” (4.8 mm to 6.4 mm).  

Flexco Rivet R2 Medium-Duty Rivet hinged Belt Fasteners are suitable for belts ranging from 3mm to 9.5mm.

The fasteners come in strips at various different widths and are driven into the belt using an installation tool.

If you would like any further information on our wide range of vegetable machinery parts please contact us.

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