Struik Cultivation Machinery

For over 80 years Struik have become specialists in the manufacture of cultivation machinery including haulm toppers, rotary cultivators, weed controllers and the latest product the Struik Strip Till.

The haulm toppers come in front and rear mounted 2 to 8 row rigid or hydraulic folding machines and cultivators are available in single bed and triple bed format.

The Burdens Group Specialist Vegetable Machinery Division are experts on the range of Struik Cultivation Machinery and can give the best advice on the most suitable machine for your needs.

The Burdens Group Specialist Vegetable Machinery Division are looking for Struik Dealers in the UK.

Struik Haulm Toppers

The Struik range of front and rear mounted haulm toppers offer 2 to 8 rows rigid (with or without end tow kits) and hydraulic folding options.

There are various models in the range and all of these machines are specially developed for killing of haulm to prevent viral infections without the need for chemicals. This is now the preferred option for many growers due to increasing regulations on using chemicals.

Haulm topping has therefore become an essential part of the potato growing process. As a direct result, the potatoes are of better quality and have a longer shelf life.

The rotor itself within the machine is balanced to help with vibration and therefore increase service life and the advantages of the Struik haulm toppers are:

  • Low drive power
  • Low machine weight
  • High capacity
  • Special foliage spreaders which leaves very clean ridges
  • Hardened flails

The models to choose from in the range are:

  • Struik Glutton Haulm Topper: This haulm topper can be front or rear mounted. Available from 2 to 8 rows. It comes with hardened flails that are made in one piece and haulm guides for haulm to be directed into the wheelings. The machines can be rigid or have hydraulic folding as an option. The rigid version of the machine comes with large inspection hatches. Depth control wheels are part of the machine as well and these can have hydraulic control as an option.
  • Struik LKFA Haulm Topper: This haulm topper can be front or rear mounted has hardened flails that follow the contours of the ridges and as such generates extra suction force which results in better flailing action. The haulm toppers are available in configurations ranging from 2 x 75 cm to 8 x 90 cm. This model is available in rigid and hydraulic folding options. Rigid versions can have an end towing kit if required.
  • Struik FLKB Haulm Topper: This front-mounted topper is identical to the LKFA model except it has a conveyor discharge. These haulm toppers with belt discharge are available in sizes ranging from 2 x 75 cm to 4 x 90 cm.
  • Struik LKB-Shift 1500 Haulm Topper: Ideal for offset harvesting machines. By the side shift on the haulm Topper, this haulm topper moves to 1.50 metres to the side of tractor and tops the two rows next to the tractor that the harvester is lifting.

Struik Cultivators

The Struik range of cultivators are available in single and triple bed formats and in various configurations.

With a variety of machines including front and rear mounted versions, they have been specifically designed to allow full-field cultivation and planting/sowing in a single pass and are perfect for bed preparation for a variety of crops.

With a solid construction and durable materials they offer trouble-free operation, optimal soil crumbling, low power requirements and a number of options. Included in the range are:

  • Front Mounted Cultivators: There are two versions of the Struik front mounted cultivators being the RFF and RF DUO.

Front cultivators allow full-field cultivation and planting/sowing in a single pass. The advantage of a front cultivator over a rotary harrow is that no large clods are left in the ridges and the planting bed is not driven over once it has been prepared. A crumbling roller ensures the soil is spread evenly and the cultivator remains stable.

The RF DUO can be used in combination with a planter to perform planting bed preparation and planting in small, formed ridges in a single working pass.

  • RF Hook Tine Rotary Cultivator: The RF hook tine rotary cultivator works the soil and breaks up hard clods giving you optimum growing conditions. It helps to create a perfect seedbed and then you can deploy it as an inter-row cultivator to create ridges which will stay firm for the entire season and retain their dimensional stability.

Machines are available as a full width hood to produce full width beds or a hood with stainless steel plates to create individual ridges.

They are available from 2 x 75cm to 8 x 90cm with various configurations in between. They can be rigid or hydraulic folding and options can include markers and lights.

  • Struik VARIX Hook Tine Cultivator: This new cultivator can be front or rear mounted and is available in three models. The VARIX 3000 will do 4 x 75cm rows, the VARIX 3600 will do 4 x 90cm rows and VARIX 4500 will do 6 x 75cm rows.

It can be full width or have individual hoods and it has a self-cleaning hood. This means the hood is spring mounted and as it vibrates it cleans itself. To help with the machine staying clean the hood is shaped around the tine to ensure there are no dead angles in the hood.

There is a further option of a hydraulic cleaning kit, which allows for the hood to be pushed down to the tines, which the tines then clean the hood.

  • Struik VariX Twinrotor Cultivator: This machine has a main full width rotor and also a secondary axle. Both axles work at different depths. The main rotor cultivates the deep ground, whereas the second rotor cultivates only the top layer to create a perfect seed bed. There are also various attachments of rear rollers.
  • Struik ZF Inter Row Rear Cultivator: This highly versatile cultivator is ideal for all sorts of different crops. Available for 2 to 8 rows and is adjustable for crops with differing row distances. There is shear bolt protection on each tilling unit.

Each of the rotary cultivator units is driven independently, from the top, so there is free space for plants both laterally and upwards, between the units. This makes it possible to till in crops with high leaf content.

The cultivator elements are fitted standard with eight tines. Optional elements are available.

Struik WR Ridge Former

The Struik WR ridge former is the perfect machine for ridging light to medium density soil, with or without stones.

The ridge former can be delivered with a fixed ridger or as a fixed ridger with Vibro Flex tines.

Key features include:

  • Simple and easy adjustment of the ridge height
  • Ridging will improve the effectiveness of spray applications due to the smooth ridge surface
  • The stainless-steel ridging units give a completely uniformly formed and scalped ridges
  • The removable tines make it possible to perform weed control even after the crop has emerged

Struik RF310-S Strip Till Cultivator

The new Struik RF310-S Strip Till cultivator can cultivate five rows at 600mm centres.

Featuring sixty hook type tines it has five elements that can cultivate strips either 200mm or 250mm wide (must be stated which is required and not adjustable).

Other features include:

  • 3-point linkage mounted
  • 1000RPM gearbox with a maximum input 220hp
  • Machine reverse rotation
  • Rigid machine

You can have the machine without Farmflex wheels on each element or with Farmflex wheels on each element with spring pressure adjustment.

Struik Weed Master

The Struik weed-master is a mechanical weed control machine that is perfect for working in crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, leek, beetroot, garlic and many other crops that are in rows or beds and means the use of chemical pesticides is not required.

The frame parts have a special parallelogram suspension, so the machine follows the ground perfectly under all circumstances.

The patented rotating tines work very close to the plant or crop and pull up the weeds, roots and all.

The rotating action of the tines makes light ridging possible and the leaf protection plates protect the crop.

Effective weed control from 3 to 12 rows can be achieved via a driving speed of up to 7 km/h.

If can be front mounted or pulled and is available as a rigid or foldable frame with mechanical or hydraulic drive also available.

Struik YouTube Videos

See the range of Struik cultivators and potato toppers in action in our YouTube videos below and if you would like any further information on our Struik cultivation machinery range, please contact us.

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