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Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery Division are main dealers for the full range of Tong Engineering products in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. 

We are experts on the range of Tong Engineering equipment and have over 30 years of experience with the company, meaning we can give you the very best advice on the most suitable piece of Tong equipment for your needs.

The range of Tong Engineering equipment can handle a variety of root crops including potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, celeriac and flower bulbs and the equipment is designed to handle the crop in bulk straight from a trailer.

Once in the grading/cleaning line the crop is handled gently, the processes include cleaning, sizing, washing, inspection, and box filling.

Tong Engineering Caretaker Grader

Tong Engineering can draw on over 85 years of manufacturing experience to produce the Caretaker grader. First introduced to the market in 1980, it has been constantly refined and improved since then.

Available in widths from 1.2 metres up to 2.4 metres, the larger models are capable of grading and cleaning crops up to sixty tonnes per hour. They are also built to handle dirty crops straight from the field.

The Caretaker is designed for gentle handling of crop, from the bulk hopper through to the EasyClean separator, the EasyClean sizing module to the inspection area. The machine will handle potatoes but other crops it can handle are onions, carrots, beetroot, parsnips, celeriac, and flower bulbs.

New technology is used to increase the machines’ efficiency. Blue Inverter technology can give up to a 50% energy saving over older machines. Auto Touch HMI control is used to control and change the operating parameters of the EasyClean separator. At the touch of a button roller speeds, direction and clod roller heights can be adjusted to suit different soil conditions. Pre-set programs can handle a range of different operating conditions from wet to dry.

The latest Pro-Control Interface adds a level of diagnostics to the machine. The system gives alerts as to which emergency stop has been pushed or which inverter is in fault condition should this occur. This helps the operators identify faults quicker and so reduces downtime.

Tong Engineering Storemaker

The Tong Engineering Storemaker is a mobile crop cleaning system available in a range of widths from 1.2 metres right up to 2.4 metres and offers a compact, gentle, and efficient vegetable hopper system.

Output of cleaned crop can be as high as eighty tonnes per hour and these machines are available in a range of hoppers sizes and with a choice of coils, stars or the EasyClean separator fitted. The machine is suitable for onions, potatoes, flower bulbs and parsnips.

It is perfect for cleaning crop going straight into store or prior to loading directly into bulker lorries.

You can specify throughput and handling requirements to suit your needs and with the added option of folding sides, this makes it easier to transport to various locations with ease. This makes the Tong Engineering Storemaker perfect for multi-site locations such as in-field, on the farm or in the packhouse.

The Storemaker comes with the latest Blue Inverter technology as standard, ensuring up to 50% energy saving and a high degree of reliability built in, and options include an automatic hopper speed sensor and a full canopy.

Tong Engineering Field Loader

The Tong Engineering Field Loader is designed for use in the field where the crop needs to be loaded directly into lorry bulker trailers for transportation for processing.

These Field Loaders are available in widths of 1.8m and 2.4m and output can be as high as one hundred tonnes per hour.

This machine is very versatile and can be used for carrots, onions and potatoes, parsnips, bulbs and more.

The Field Loader incorporates a lot of the features from the Tong Caretaker, then adds an extending elevator, all mounted on one heavy duty chassis. It also has the added benefit of allowing growers to clean and inspect the crop straight from the harvester as well as loading directly into bulker lorries for onward travel and processing.

It has also been designed to be a single self-contained mobile unit making in-field cleaning and handling quick and easy as it incorporates an infeed hopper, cleaner, roller inspection table and extending elevator all together and features remote controls to the Tong EasyLoad extending elevator for even greater convenience.

The Field Loader also includes Blue Inverter technology and remote control of the elevator as standard.

Tong Engineering Lift Roller Grader

The Tong Engineering Lift Roller Grader uses a series of forward moving rollers to move the crop through the machine. One set of rollers are of fixed height and every other roller is height adjustable mounted in a guide plate. These rollers can be adjusted to give a specific grade size and it is possible to have up to six grade sizes in one machine.

Different types of crop can be handled including potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips, brussel sprouts, celeriac, swedes, and bulbs and even comes with an option of adjusting grade band settings to suit these different crop varieties and sizes.

Machine widths start at 1.2 metres with 3 grade bands and go up to 2.4 metres with 6 grade bands and outputs can range from 5 tonnes per hour up to 40 tonnes per hour. Other configurations can be custom built to suit your exact requirements.

These machines are available in mild or stainless steel, and it is a popular choice for growers or packers handling crops which are not suited to screen grading, particularly carrots and parsnips.

Tong Engineering EasyFill Box Filler

The Tong Engineering EasyFill box filler is available in a range of sizes to suit different box dimensions. The popular Midi EasyFill box filler is suitable for boxes up to 1.2 metres high and is designed for crops such as potatoes, carrots, flower bulbs and onions.

When fitted with the doorstop belt it provides very gentle handling by holding the crop between cleats when lowering into the bottom of the box.

The machines have automatic box in detection and detect the crop as they operate in an automatic cycle.

Once the machines are started the operator only must remove the full boxes and put the empty boxes onto the machine.

Tong Engineering EasyGrade Screen Grader

Tong Engineering EasyGrade screen graders have grading capacities ranging from ten tonnes per hour to one hundred tonnes per hour. These machines are available in widths from 0.6m to 2.4m and are available in single, twin, or triple screen format.

They are suitable for a variety of root crops including potatoes, onions, beetroot, and flower bulbs.

EasyGrade screen grading modules are manufactured in widths of 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m and 2.4m wide as standard. They are also available in extended or super-extended models, offering a longer grading band.

The Burdens Group Specialist Vegetable Machinery Division supply Tong Engineering steel grading screens to fit the EasyGrade sizing modules. These are available in square and hexagonal options to suit different crops and tuber shapes. We always hold a selection of different grade sizes and widths in stock.

Tong Engineering EasyClean Separator

The Tong Engineering EasyClean separator is available in widths from 1.2 metre to 2.4 metre and is capable of cleaning crops up to seventy tonnes per hour.

Available in 4 row, 6 row and 8 row types, this means that this separator will suit different sizes of grader.

The EasyClean separator uses deformable, fluted polyurethane roller segments, running next to reversible and height adjustable clod rollers. The clod roller height and direction and the speed of all rollers can be adjusted to operating conditions and the amount of soil separation required.

When used with Tong Engineering’s HMI control system, the machine settings can be quickly changed to match the amount of cleaning that is required.

Tong Engineering Skips and Bins

Tong Engineering also produce self-tip skips in 1 tonne and 2 tonne sizes. These are ideal for waste management in packhouses, farms, workshops, building sites and at other business premises.

The skips are available in mild and stainless steel and are easy to move by a forklift and make the collection of waste quick and convenient and a single lever action tips the forklift skip to discharge contents, and it then automatically returns when the forklift tines are tilted backwards.

Tong Engineering also offer big bag bins for bag filling. These are ideal for filling 1 tonne bags with vegetables. The bag is hooked to the bottom of the bin and the vegetables are fed into the bin. As the bin is lifted by forklift the doors are opened and the vegetables transfer from the bin to the bag.

If you would like any further information on our Tong Engineering machinery range, please contact us.

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