Bradley Robot Palletisers

Bradley Robot Palletisers

Bradley Engineering Ltd, based in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, manufacture a range of ‘end of line’ palletising products suitable for all types of packaging lines.

The Agristack range of robotic autonomous palletisers have many benefits over their manual equivalent, helping to increase efficiency and reduce labour and material waste.

Being very versatile, they can quickly be re-deployed to a different task, such as palletising different bag types or boxes.

Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery provide sales, service and parts in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas for all Bradley Robot Palletisers.

Finance and leasing is available for the range of Bradley Robot Palletisers and we can provide service and support for other makes of palletisers.

Bradley Agristack Robot Palletisers

This range of robot palletisers are fast, reliable, and robust and offer the following features:

  • Speed of 15 tonnes per hour in real world capacity (25kg sacks)
  • Increased efficiency and reduced lifetime operational cost
  • A more versatile machine which can be quickly re-deployed to a different task, such as  palletising different bag types or boxes
  • Increased production output whilst reducing labour and material waste
  • Complying with safety rules and improving workplace health and safety – especially important when palletising by hand
  • Greater re-sale value due to the robot being highly desirable in wider markets
  • Continuous alternating palletising or full pallet conveying and options such as integrated shrink wrap
  • Full safety guarding and light guard protection
  • Position sensors on all grippers
  • Robot collision detection
  • Gentle handling of product with the lowest bag drop height on the market and consistent reliable stacks
  • Multiple end effectors for a variety of products such as boxes, bags, sacks, trays, and bottles

With installation into the packaging line, the robot palletisers can be integrated into all current machinery giving a higher output and a more consistent product.

Why Choose Bradley Robot Palletisers?

Bradley Engineering Limited was established in 2017 and since then has grown to provide a complete automation service from the smallest project to complex integrated systems and ancillary equipment.

They use the latest in technology to build highly efficient and adaptable robot palletisers with maintenance and reliability in mind to ensure the end user can have complete trust in the machine.

At Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery, we can help to ensure you select the right robot palletisers to suit your specific requirements. Contact us today for more information.

Bradley Palletisers YouTube Video

Take a look at the Bradley Palletiser in action in our YouTube video below and if you would like any further information on our Bradley Robot Palletisers range, please contact us.

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