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Bauer Irrigation Equipment

The Burdens Group Specialist Vegetable Machinery Division supply the full range of Bauer irrigation equipment across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and Cambridgeshire.

We also supply sprinklers, booms, diesel pump units, smartrain, pipes and fittings and spare parts sections.

The Burdens Group Specialist Vegetable Machinery Division are the sole importers for Bauer covering the UK and Ireland and are experts on the full range of Bauer Irrigation equipment and can give best advice on the most suitable machine for your needs.

Bauer Rainstar Irrigation Equipment

The Bauer Rainstar Irrigation systems robust construction and long service life will work perfectly under the most difficult conditions.

Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery Bauer Rainstar Irrigation Machinery

The Burdens Group Specialist Vegetable Machinery Division will help you find the right solution for your needs from among the many models on offer.

They are ideal for irrigating a wide range of crops from potatoes and other root crop vegetables to a salad crops and lettuce.

Choose from:

  • Bauer Rainstar ‘A’ Irrigation Equipment: Easy to handle, yet offering optimal output and innovative technology, the compact Bauer Rainstar A irrigation system is a multi-talented compact irrigator able to work in smaller fields and spaces. Consisting of the Rainstar A1, A2 and A3 models and sub-models.
  • Bauer Rainstar ‘T’ Irrigation Equipment: No matter which field size or form, the Bauer Rainstar T offers cost efficient irrigation by saving energy and time and features the new TVR- radial full flow turbine is available with an EcoStar irrigation computer. Featuring a wide range of models including the Rainstar T32, T42, T51, and T61 and their sub-models.
  • Bauer Rainstar ‘E’ Irrigation Equipment: Reliability, durability and efficiency are just three words to describe the Bauer Rainstar E range of irrigation equipment. Made to the highest standards (ISO 9001), it is packed full of innovative features. Featuring a huge range of models including the Rainstar E11, E21, E31, E41, E51, E51XL, E51 XL 4WB, E55 L and E55 XL and all their sub-models.

Bauer Sprinklers

The Bauer Sprinklers range are easy to handle, maintenance free, have a large performance range and have variable jet angle.

Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery Bauer Irrigation Equipment

The sprinklers are equally suited for every type of irrigation system because of a special drive system which breaks up the water jet into an effective spray that does not harm the crops, through all pressure ranges.

With the Vari-Angle the trajectory of the water jet can be adjusted infinitely between 15° and 45° and in windy conditions a flat jet parabola reduces water drift and increases irrigation efficiency substantially. Standard sprinklers come with a 24° trajectory.

Features include:

  • Slow reverse
  • Variable jet angle
  • Standard sprinklers come with a 24° trajectory
  • Excellent distribution
  • Automatic adjustment
  • Automatic brake force regulation
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Dynamic interval diffuser
  • Energy saving

Bauer Irrigation Booms

The Bauer irrigation range of booms offer particularly fine precipitation, protecting the plants and the soil and can operate sufficiently as low as 0,8 bar. This way energy and water can be saved.

Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery Bauer Irrigation Equipment

By distributing the water close to the ground, evaporation is reduced, increasing efficiency, and having a positive effect on the overall cost efficiency of the machine.

There are a wide range of boom carts to suit any application, so you can find a model best suited to your needs.

Boom widths are AS16 (16 metre), AS26 (26 metre), AS32 (32 metre) and AS50 (50 metre).

Features include:

  • As low as 0,8 bar of nozzle pressure is enough for a particularly fine and gentle precipitation which protects plants and soil
  • Fine droplets prevent soil compaction – topsoil and pore structure are preserved and the soil is treated with care
  • Further advantages are pressure reduction, uniform distribution of precipitation and low sensitivity to wind

Bauer Diesel Pump Units

Bauer diesel pump units are designed to perfectly compliment for your Bauer irrigation system.

They are perfectly optimised to be used in combination with the Bauer Rainstar Irrigation reel and this pump fits perfectly to the irrigation machine.

There are a variety of engine outputs and are mounted on a 2-wheel trolley with four manual support legs.

Features include:

  • Perfect match of pump and motor
  • Low fuel consumption at all operating points
  • Convenient design with self-priming device and automatic shut off device
  • Lockable tank cap
  • Standard machine the roof is made of metal and has net guard on four sides
  • Acoustic models have sound deadening (optional)
  • Option of mobile device control so you can stop and start remotely (dependent of model)
  • Detachable drawbar
  • Various accessories

Bauer Smart Rain

The Bauer Smart Rain makes irrigation management much easier and organised.

Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery Bauer Irrigation Equipment

The enormous loss of time for instance if you go to the field and the machine has not already finished the irrigation process, or even worse, if the machine had stopped in case of a problem, can be time consuming and costly.

Smart Rain allows simple monitoring and optimisation of RainStars, pumps, etc.

Features include:

  • Monitoring of RainStar operation: Offering status display, irrigation progress and even when you should change the fields, plus more
  • Optimise your irrigation management: For instance which field should be irrigated next? Which sprinkler will be finished soon? Calculate the optimal irrigation amount based on the measured soil moisture and the existing soil types
  • Automatic error messages: An error message will be sent to you for example an unforeseen stop or when your machine enters a danger zone
  • Team management: Manage teams, employees, or other companies with which you share fields, machines, or pumps from your mobile devices

Bauer Pipes, Fittings and Spare Parts

We also carry a wide range of pipes, fittings, and spare parts for the Bauer range of irrigation equipment from stock including:

  • HK quick coupling pipes and connectors
  • Riser pipe and riser pipe couplings
  • HKA fittings
  • HKS quick coupling pipes and connectors
  • Rubber sealing rings

Any items that we do not carry in stock, we can usually obtain quickly to ensure any downtime due to a repair needed is kept to the bare minimum.

If you would like any further information on our Bauer vegetable machinery range, please contact us.

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