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Agriplanter Automatic Transplanters

Agriplanter is a Belgian company that design and manufacture automatic planting machines. The ‘Agriplanter’ is a fully automatic planting machine with a high capacity, and it is capable of planting from various module tray sizes. This helps you significantly reduce your labour costs and increase your revenue.

Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery are the sole importers for Agriplanter in the UK and Ireland and our knowledge and expertise will ensure you get the right machine for your needs.

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These automatic planters are used for vegetable crops and trees. The planters are from 1- 6 rows. All the machines are developed and designed in-house by the Belgian manufacturer.

Planting method:

  • The planters ensure a constant flow of plants.
  • The robots which are part of the planter collect the plants from the trays and place them on the sensorhead. This consist of a conveyor belt with a selector.
  • The selector makes sure that empty modules are removed so that modules with plants continue to the vertical belts.
  • The plants are transported on these vertical belts to the planting element. Here the rubber discs of the planting element rotate the plants to place them in the ground and they are pressed into the ground using press wheels.
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Agriplanter YouTube Videos

Take a look at the Agriplanter Automatic Planter in action in our YouTube video below and if you would like any further information on our Agriplanter automatic planter range, please contact us.

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