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Tumoba is a Dutch company that manufactures a wide range of specialist harvesting machine for a variety of crops including brussel sprouts, babyleaf, spinach, lettuce, kale, broccoli, and parsnips.

Burdens Specialist Vegetable Machinery are the sole importers for the range of Tumoba machinery covering the UK and Ireland and can supply the range of salad harvesters and vegetable harvesters as well as mobile packing stations and undercrawlers.

Our specialist knowledge and years of experience dealing with these machines ensure you get the right machine for the job in hand.

We can also offer bespoke options to make the machines more suited to your exact needs.

Tumoba Brussel Sprout Harvesters

The range of Tumoba brussel sprout harvesters are available as 2, 3 and 4 row self-propelled machines.

Designed to enable sprout growers to get high output whilst minimising labour, these harvesters will also protect the soil even under the most challenging of conditions.

The operators are seated at the front of the machine, one for each row to be harvested. A foot-controlled arm with a stalk-cutter attached is provided for each row. As the machine progresses through the crop, the brussel stalks are cut and hand-fed into the stripping heads adjacent to each operator.

The brussel sprouts and the leaves are then stripped from the stalk and separated, with the leaves returning to the ground and the trimmed sprouts being conveyed by an elevator in to a bulk-hopper mounted in the centre of the machine.

The latest 3 and 4 row brussel sprout harvesters can also be fitted with the new optical pre-sorter known as a ‘butterfly’, meaning bad sprouts are already discharged at the field. This helps prevent cross-contamination of good sprouts, as the rotten sprouts are, after being recognised by the optical system ,discharged by very fast pneumatic ejectors.

Other features include:

  • Automatic steering (one foot-controlled cutter arm connected to machine’s steering system)
  • Fully enclosed cab with windscreen and wipers, cab heater, radio, lighting interior and exterior
  • No soil compaction
  • Infinitely variable forward speed

Tumoba Salad Harvesters and Vegetable Harvesters

With the Tumoba range of salad harvester many types of crop can be harvested with ease including babyleaf, lettuce, parsley, rocket, and salad leaves.

The Tumoba range of vegetable harvesters can harvest crops including parsnips, kale, cauliflowers, broccoli (calabrese) and cabbages.

These machines can be made to suit individual customer requirements, for instance having a band saw or disc cutting machine and different feed methods into the conveyor and even a separator unit can be fitted to allow you to filter out waste. 

  • Tumoba 3-Bed Sideloader with Automatic Trayfiller: This machine is 3-bed and ideal for babyleaf and spinach can be operated by one person. The steering of the machine, the cutting height and the tray-filling process are all completely automated. Standard features include automatic steering, electric steering, electric speed control, electronic cutting height adjustment, three beds of each 1.80 to 2.00 metre and a maximum cutting width of 1700 mm per bed.
  • Tumoba Babyleaf and Spinach Harvester: Fitted as standard with automatic steering, electric steering, electric speed control, and electronic cutting height adjustment, these machines have a loading surface of six pallets, bed width of 1.80 to 2.00 metre and a maximum cutting width of 1700 mm per bed. Options include an air-bridge (to remove heavier items like stones) a ‘dancing belt’ to remove small objects and bugs, etc and a packing station.
  • Tumoba Lettuce Harvester: Made to harvest lettuce and salad leaves, this can lift one or more beds, by lifting the beds (and crops) to an easy working height. Lifting 10 or 12 pallet trailer without soil-damage in wet conditions and fitting packing machinery are possible.
  • Tumoba Craftsman Harvester: This self-propelled harvester can lift broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, etc and improves working conditions in the field, resulting in higher productivity and performance.

Tumoba Mobile Packing Stations

Now you can easily pack your vegetables and salads with the range of Tumoba mobile packing stations.

Ideal for iceberg lettuce, cauliflowers, carrots, celery, leeks, etc, these will save on labour, transport costs, and do less damage to the produce.

This will also keep the produce fresher as a result of shorter routings as they can be packed in the field.

Features include:

  • Pack the vegetables in the field with Tumoba’s tracked mobile packing station
  • Shorter routings to help keep the produce fresher
  • Labour and transport savings
  • Less damage to the produce.

Tumoba Vegetable Undercrawlers

The Tumoba vegetable undercrawler is a machine on tracks to transport trailers in the field.

It is an ideal solution to transport trailers in the field without damaging the soil-structure and can also be attached to any field rig or harvesting system and follows automatically.

The track layer is adapted to the customers’ needs or trailers, where the choices are twist and lift, lift and drive and pull on and lift.

Features include:

  • Ideal in-field solution to transporting your trailer
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Tumoba Optical Sorters

The Tumoba range of optical sorters has been developed to remove rotten brussel sprouts before sizing them. It also allows you to remove leaves, sprout-tops and oversized sprouts.

This way the good sprouts do not contaminate the rotten sprouts further down the process.

The optical sorter is placed at the beginning of the grading line or on the latest generation of 3 or 4 row Tumoba brussel sprout harvesters it can also be fitted with this optical sorter.

This allows the waste to be left in the field and also has less chance for contamination between the field and processing centre.

The optical sorter finishes the process by selecting the sprouts according to colour, dirt, or stain, with the help of a clever camera system. You can set and store the selection criteria on a computer, including your preferences for feed belt and roller bed.

Sprouts that do not come up to the standards set in the system are blown away and removed with the help of an airstream and together with the dirt and waste falls through the roller bed meaning no waste accumulates under your machine.

Standard features include:

  • Feed belt and aligning devices
  • Adjustable roller drives
  • 90cm roller bed with washing/brushing device
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Camera system
  • Pneumatic removal system and automatic lubrication

Options can include:

  • Simultaneous grading of two sizes
  • Bespoke changes to existing system

Tumoba Re-Trimming Brussel Sprout Machine

You can easily prepare your sprouts with Tumoba’s re-trimming brussel sprout machine.

This machine is fully automatic, and the sprouts are being aligned and settle themselves because of their pear-shape on the roller bed.

Cameras then determine the orientation of each sprout, and it is being re-trimmed accordingly. Sprouts wrongly settled are blown out by an air-jet without being re-trimmed.

The process is then competed with a separation drum taking out all trimmed buds and loose leaf. There is also a specially programmed optical sorter for re-trimmed sprouts that takes away nearly all labour for quality inspection after trimming giving an output of approximately 700 kg/hr.

If you would like any further information on our Tumoba vegetable machinery range, please contact us.

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