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Save time and money with New Holland's range of guidance solutions, which can be tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements.


New Holland’s approach to PLM can be summed up in four words: Open, Connected, Smart, Supported. A full range of complete guidance solutions, which can be tailored to suit your individual needs, is available. With a full range of correction signals, New Holland’s modular solution can be used on any machine.

Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces mean you can use guidance with confidence and Precision Land Management software enables you to download and analyse yield data to fine tune inputs and reduce costs. Advanced telematics systems enable you to synchronise in-field working between machines from the comfort of your office.

If you are ready to start saving time and money, working more comfortably and getting more out of every season with precision farming, New Holland Precision Land Management is waiting for you.

New Holland is committed to improving the environmental profile of farming and PLM forms a key element of this strategy. By reducing in-field passes considerable fuel savings can be achieved, which consequently reduce your farm’s carbon footprint. But that is not all, by controlling inputs, such as fertilisers, the environmental impact of farming is cut considerably. After all, that’s what you’ve come to expect from the Clean Energy Leader.

  • PLM® Guidance Solutions: New Holland offers a range of intuitive autoguidance solutions to meet your needs, from entry-level manual guidance via assisted guidance right through to top of the range fully integrated autoguidance which effectively manages the machine for you. These solutions can be matched to a range of correction signals, from sub 45cm right down to sub 2.5cm absolute accuracy depending on your needs. You might be thinking what about my implement? Well, New Holland offers solutions for its entire range of tractor, harvesting, and crop management equipment, including all implements, meaning you can choose the right tool for your operation.
  • PLM® Crop Management Solutions: In order to get the most out of every square inch of field, a full range of crop management solutions are available. Variable rate and section control enable you to maximise yields and reduce costly over and underlaps. Yield monitoring, available on combine and forage harvesters means you can see just how productive your fields are, and when combined with PLM software, you can counteract areas of lower yields.
  • PLM® Data Management Solutions: You are never alone with New Holland’s PLM® solutions. A comprehensive software package enables you to manage all aspects of your farm to enhance productivity and reduce soaring input costs. Telematics technology enables fleet managers to connect to their machines from the comfort of their office. You can stay in touch with your machines at all times, and you can send and receive real-time information that saves time and enhances productivity. Choose between the entry level Essential Package or upgrade to the advanced Professional Package depending on your individual needs.
  • PLM® Support Solutions: Your PLM questions could be answered via the PLM® Portal, furthermore, a dedicated call centre is on hand to provide further assistance should the need arise. If you want to unlock all of the performance boosting features, then enroll, via the PLM® Academy, on one of the training courses. Furthermore the PLM dealer certification gives you the peace of mind to know that you are dealing with a true PLM expert.
New Holland Precision Land Management PLM

Which Precision Level?

What level of precision do you need? New Holland autoguidance solutions are compatible with a full range of guidance correction signals so that you can choose the exact level of precision that your operation requires. GPS and GLONASS correction signals are transmitted via a network of satellites that orbit the Earth and land based receivers can then determine their own position in relation to these signals. However, this alone is not accurate enough for agriculture, therefore a correction signal must also be used.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space based satellite navigation system and is part of a larger system called the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). GNSS is a term used for all satellite constellation systems used to provide positioning data. Currently GNSS only covers GPS and GLONASS systems. GLONASS is similar to GPS and both are available worldwide. When auto guidance receivers track both GPS and GLONASS signals together, the number of ’visible’ satellites is greatly increased which reduces the risk of losing satellite coverage for increased uptime.

Autonomous With On-Path Filter With 30 – 45cm Accuracy

Utilising GPS whilst using software filters allows pass-to-pass accuracies of 30 – 45cm. This system is perfect for grassland applications especially.

RangePoint RTX™ Offers 15Ccm Accuracy

This service provides a reliable, 15cm, pass to pass accuracy – ideal for spraying and fertilising applications.

CentrePoint™ RTX™ Provides Remote Farms With Sub 4cm Accuracy

For businesses in the most remote locations, or that cover vast areas, RTX ™ uses a network of satellites or your mobile telephone, where coverage allows, to broadcast correction signals to keep your machine on the straight and narrow.

The Extensive RTK Range Offers Up To 2.5cm Absolute Accuracy

RTK Radio Transmission uses a network of base stations in conjunction with radio correction signals to broadcast within a 12.87km radius of the base stations, when not obstructed by hilly terrain. RTK CORS uses your mobile telephone network to precisely locate your machine and provide real-time correction signals, without the need to purchase a base station.

With this level of accuracy you can conduct row crop applications and land leveling applications which require precise horizontal and vertical accuracy. Quite simply, it’s the most accurate precision farming solution around.

With xFill technology, customers using RTK technology have a reliable backup for those situations where RTK cannot be received e.g. where topography blocks the line of sight view of the base station. xFill provides up to 20 minutes of correction after RTK has not been received.

RTK base stations in conjunction with radio correction signals broadcast within a 12.87km radius of the base station, when not obstructed by hilly terrain. With this level of accuracy you can conduct row crop applications and land leveling applications which require precise horizontal and vertical accuracy. Quite simply, it’s the most accurate precision farming solution around, together with accurate repeatability.

XFill: Back Up For A RTK Signal

Customers that work in rolling terrain, or when topography blocks the line of sight from the base station, XFill technology offers a reliable solution. XFill is a dependable backup system, which provides up to 20 minutes of correction following the loss of an RTK signal.

Guidance Signals

How Are Guidance Signals transmitted and received? New Holland offers a wide range of receivers and antennas so that you can select the model which perfectly matches your guidance needs. From top of the range models with full IntelliSteer® compatibility to the entry level option, which enables you to create simple coverage maps, you’ll find the right solution. From base stations which transmit RTK signals, to the Modem which receives RTK VRS correction signals and advanced terrain compensation technology, you’ve got guidance covered on your farm.

NH 372 Reciever

This top of the range receiver is compatible with RTK Radio Transmission, RTK VRS and GLONASS standard correction signals to guarantee year round, and season after season productivity and accuracy. Its slim profile makes it perfect for all machines.

AG 715 Radio

The integrated RTK radio is designed for use with the NH 372 receiver and built for the agricultural environment. It is fully sealed against dust and rain. The AG 715 radio easily mounts under the NH 372 receiver housing.

AG 15 Antenna

This antenna is fully compatible with the EZ-Guide® 250 monitor.

AG 25 Antenna

This antenna can be combined with the FM-750 FM-1000 and XCN-2050™ monitors, and is fully compatible with the full range of correction signals, including GPS, GLONASS OmniSTAR and RTK, where a RTK radio is used.

RV 55 Modem

This is more than just a standard modem, it is your passport to enhanced productivity. It can receive an RTK VRS correction signal, but that is not all.

Navigation Controller III

Employing the industry leading T3™ Terrain Compensation technology, the Navigation Controller III takes position information from the DGPS receiver, and sends precise steering instructions to the vehicle, ensuring on-line performance in even the most undulating and rough terrain.

T3™ Terrain Compensation

The T3™ Terrain Compensation system uses sensors to calculate and correct the roll, pitch and yaw of the machine to help minimise skips and overlaps in areas with rolling terrain and rough ground.

RTK Base Station

The base station is comprised of an antenna, receiver and radio link to provide RTK correction signals to the autoguidance system. Furthermore, the base stations can receive both GPS and GLONASS signals. These stations have a working radius of up to 12.87km, and signal amplifiers can be positioned in hilly or forested areas to maintain coverage. The base station can either be fixed in one location or moved to suit your individual needs. Easy to use, they offer the ultimate in year-on-year accuracy and repeatability.

Visual Lightbar

Visual Lightbar to keep you on the straight and narrow. The entry level guidance solution allows you to explore GPS guidance through a simple and affordable lightbar display. A lightbar based guidance system provides you with visual feedback to keep you on your intended path. You simply need to follow the green lights to stay on the right path. It even shows you which direction you need to steer in and by how much to keep your machine on the straight and narrow!

EZ-Guide® 250 Display

The EZ-Guide® 250 is an easy to use and affordable tool that offers up to +/-45cm pass-to-pass accuracy. The built in OnPath® filter technology provides improved pass-to-pass accuracy and the EZ-Guide 250 is compatible with all makes and models of equipment.

Guidance options with EZ-Guide® 250:

  • Manual guidance – Lightbar
  • Assisted guidance with EZ-Steer™ system
EZ-Guide® 250 Display

Colour Display & Touchscreen

Advanced colour display monitors with touchscreen functionality. The most sophisticated guidance systems require an intuitive monitor that provides instant control of all key parameters and real-time feedback based on actual field conditions. Both the XCN-750™, the XCN-1050™ and the XCN-2050™ monitor can be fitted to a range of machines, as and when required, which means operators benefit from only needing to learn how one screen works, this significantly enhances operational efficiency. The XCN-750™, the XCN-1050™ and the XCN-2050™ displays offer industry leading performance and deliver productivity enhancing colour touchscreen functionality to enhance your agribusiness day in, day out.

XCN 750™ Display

The XCN 750™ is the latest Android™ based multi-function display which has a high-definition 7" colour touchscreen , and has a built-in receiver that allows you to choose the accuracy your application requires.

The XCN 750™ offers great functionality and a simplified installation process, providing access to auto-steering and application control for every farm.

Add in Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity to go along with ISOBUS task controller and universal terminal (optional license required) and any grower can tackle farming applications from every season across all equipment brands.

It is also compatible with NAV-500™ and NAV-900™ guidance controllers.

Guidance options with FM-750:

  • Manual guidance – Lightbar
  • Assisted guidance with EZ-Steer™ system and and EZ-Pilot™ systems.
  • Integrated autoguidance with retrofit Autopilot™ system

XCN 1050™ Display

The new New Holland PLM® XCN-1050 10" display brings you the ISOBUS capabilities, plus a number of other features and capabilities, all designed to make your job in the field more accurate, repeatable, economical and sustainable.

The new display has the same Android-based user interface as the proven XCN-2050 display, and allows an easy and intuitive display operation and touchscreen features, similar as on an Android smartphone. You can also install numerous apps to extend and optimize the application according to your business operations. To sum up, the display is compact and easily transferable, and is predestined to make your work more efficient and productive day by day.

XCN-2050™ Display

The 12" ultra-wide screen XCN-2050™ display is compatible with the full range of correction signals and offers intuitive, colour multi-touchscreen operation. It has been designed to ensure full integration with advanced PLM technology including yield and moisture sensing, as well as a whole range of other precision guidance applications.

Guidance options with the XCN-750™, the XCN-1050™AND XCN-2050™:

  • Manual – Lightbar
  • Assisted guidance with EZ-Pilot™ system
  • Integrated autoguidance with retrofit Autopilot™ system
The Burdens Group PLM Precision XCN-2050 display

Hands Free Steering

When it’s time to progress in the world of guidance, assisted guidance is the natural next step. Offering sleek integration of steering motors, you can enjoy hands free operation so that you can concentrate fully on the task in hand. You can even fit your guidance solution to whichever machine you’re currently using for the ultimate in guidance flexibility.


EZ-Steer™ is a simple portable hands-free steering system for all vehicle models, old and new. The EZ-Steer system turns the steering wheel for you by combining a friction wheel and a drive motor, which is commanded indirectly by an output from the guidance display. EZ-Steer keeps you on line in undulating terrain and when working on terraces, it also helps you avoid ditches and waterways so that you can focus on the task in hand, be that spraying or planting. Put simply, it improves performance, quality and crop yields all whilst reducing stress.

Compatible displays: The EZ-Steer™ system can be matched with EZ-Guide 250, XCN-750™, the XCN-1050™ and the XCN-2050™ display, which has an ultra-wide 30.7cm screen delivering up to +/-2.5cm GPS accuracy with RTK technology*.

*RTK not compatible with EZ-Guide 250.


EZ-Pilot™ is a high-performance, low-cost, assisted steering solution that is sleekly integrated into the vehicle’s steering column, and it can be installed on most brands of tractor and harvesting machinery. This advanced solution also features T3™ Terrain Compensation Technology, which keeps you perfectly online in even the most undulating conditions and when working on terraces.

Compatible displays: The EZ-Pilot™ system can be combined with the XCN-750™, the XCN-1050™ and the XCN-2050™, which has an ultra-wide 30.7cm screen delivering up to +/-2.5 cm GPS accuracy with RTK technology.

EZ-Pilot Pro™

The EZ-Piot Pro™ guidance systems offers high accuracy guidance across MFWD tractors, 4WDs and combines. The added benefit is that the vehicles are now able to be engaged in reverse to allow them to be lined for the next swath (maximum 15 seconds). Adding this feature can allow users to benefit from a high accuracy solution from the second the implement engages with the soil.

With hands-free guidance the EZ-Piot Pro™ system allows you to operate with ease and improve safety and gets you moving in the field with one less input to think about when you are in a stop-and-go application.

A mid-level farmer will have a better user experience to upgrade on future machines without changing hardware and an easier upgrade path.

The system can be pre-equipped with several machines without the addition of any extra controller cost and very little cables in the cab and the electric steering motor allows for unrestricted manual steering when assisted steering is not engaged.


IntelliView colour touchscreen monitors gives precise information. The IntelliView™ colour touchscreen monitor is your partner in all farming operations and is available on the T6 Auto Command and T7. The T8 and T9 tractor ranges, CR combines harvester range along with the BigBaler & Speedrower® Self-propelled Windrower ranges are fitted standard with the new widescreen IntelliView™ colour touchscreen monitor. The IntelliView™ can be used as a second screen for precision farming applications on T7, T8 and T9 tractor ranges and CR combine harvesters. The IntelliView™ display communicates directly with the IntelliSteer® system together with the machine’s CAN Bus, and display key operating parameters in real time on just one screen. Maximum operator comfort is guaranteed thanks to the intuitive operating logic which enables you to see just where you are, and enables you to select the precise information you wish to browse, monitor and control.

burdens group limited plm intelliview IV touchscreen

Ultimate Comfort

With autoguidance you can concentrate on the task in hand, ensuring your header is 100% full, the crop flow is uniform or that your implement is performing as it should. This offers significant gains in productivity. The T6 Auto Command, T7, T8 and T9 tractor ranges benefit from the SideWinder™ II armrest, which has set the benchmark in operational comfort, all controls fall perfectly to hand, and the 40° of seat swivel make working with rear mounted implements a breeze. The CR range benefit from industry leading harvesting consoles which enhance operational ergonomics for significant productivity increases.

Plug and Play ISOBUS Compatibilty

The IntelliView™ colour touchscreen display is not simply machine noticeboards. Far from it! They are fully ISO-BUS compatible, so can be used to operate a wide range of implements including balers and sprayers. The result? One monitor controls all applications. By using one screen you can switch between tasks even quicker and improve overall visibility. The ISO Task Controller further integrates implement functionality within the PLM package and can manage a whole range of implement parameters to provide precision control of implements to maximise productivity and efficiency.

Guidance. Machine Control. Perfect

New Holland knows that operators need to keep an eye on both key machine parameters as well as guidance information. That is why they have developed the dual screen solution. Customers can view IntelliSteer® autoguidance run screens and coverage maps as well as vehicle controls simultaneously.

IntelliSteer® System

IntelliSteer® is a fully integrated New Holland designed and developed Automatic Steering System. Available from the factory or as a retrofit package, the IntelliSteer® system maximises productivity and efficiency to optimise your yields and to increase your profits.
Matching DGPS or RTK Technology to fully integrated control, IntelliSteer® helps ensure parallel pass-to-pass accuracy of up to 2.5cm. IntelliSteer® is the natural choice for precision work in even the most demanding conditions and it has been designed to dramatically enhance operator performance and comfort. Furthermore, this can be linked to Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) applications.

A Complete Guidance Package

The T6 Auto Command, T7, T8 and T9 ranges, CR combine series and Speedrower® Self-propelled Windrowers are all supplied with the IntelliSteer® ready package. You can order your machine IntelliSteer® complete as a factory installed option or have these kits fitted as a Dealer Installed Accessory.

The IntelliSteer® ready system includes steering angle sensor or a solid state gyro, a hydraulic control valve which converts the signals from the Navigation Controller III into hydraulic movements of the steering system. The IntelliSteer® complete package adds a NH 372 Receiver, the Navigation Controller III to complete your guidance package.

Good Guidance Saves Money*

IntelliSteer® helps improve overall operating efficiency. In poor light or during long working days precision driving is not compromised. Improved efficiency saves money. It is as simple as that.

*Based on 500 hectare farm and 5m wide implement. Including tractor rental, fuel, labour, fertiliser/seed and chemical costs per hectare.

Autopilot System

Autopilot System is always available, before or after on all makes and models. The Autopilot™ automated steering system, when used with an RTK signal, will give +/-2.5cm repeatability in all field tasks, from planting to harvesting and following any in-field pattern. The Autopilot™ system can be integrated into most brands of tractor and harvesting machinery, and it uses the machine’s electro hydraulic circuit to provide automatic guidance. This retrofit solution will significantly increase your efficiency during field preparation, planting and harvesting as you’ll be able to drive more accurately and consistently during extended periods behind the wheel.

Compatible Displays

The Autopilot™ System can be matched to the XCN-750™, the XCN-1050™ or the XCN-2050™ displays, delivering up to +/-2.5cm GPS accuracy with RTK technology.

Navigation Controller III

The Auto Pilot system benefits from the industry leading Navigation Controller III device with fully integrated T3™ terrain compensation technology.

Vehicle Interface

Receives navigation commands from the Navigation Controller III which controls the vehicle’s steering when engaged.

Autosense™ Steering Sensor

This unique steering sensor measures highly accurate wheel angle information on all terrain and sends it to the Navigation Controller III providing faster correction and increased steering accuracy.

Compatible with EZ-Remote™ control Antenna

Mounted to the tractor or implement to provide up to 2.5cm pass-to-pass and year-on-year accuracy.

Implement Guidance and RTK. Increase your accuracy and yields

Compatible with the XCN 2050 display, and thanks to a DGPS antenna mounted on the implement, the TrueTracker™ systems keep your implement on a repeatable path on inclined fields with steep gradients and in variable soil conditions. Retrofit installation kits are compatible with most manufacturers’ implements.


Truetracker for complete Implement control. Guidance is mainly focused on the machine itself, but when working with large implements, such as the very widest planters and seed drills, the implement also needs to receive a guidance correction signal to ensure that it perfectly follows your tractor. After all, there is no point in keeping the tractor on the straight and narrow while your drill slips slowly down the hill! New Holland has developed a range of solutions that can work in three dimensions for ultimate whole vehicle accuracy.

TrueTracker™ Control

The TrueTracker™ system is an independent navigation system mounted on the implement that communicates with the tractor’s Autopilot™ system to provide you the highest level of accuracy. The TrueTracker™ system independently steers the implement on a repeatable path, even on extreme slopes and in variable soil conditions, using a hydraulic solution together with T3™ terrain compensation technology which is mounted on the implement. TrueTracker is compatible with the XCN 2050 display.

Input Control Systems

Input Control Systems to help manage your inputs to maximise your outputs. The Field-IQ crop input control system is a variable rate and section control system that runs on XCN 2050 monitors. It prevents seed and fertiliser overlap, controls the rate of material application and monitors seed delivery. Field-IQ™ automatic section control is able to control up to 48 individual rows, eliminating waste and double application of inputs by automatically shutting off rows or sections in areas which have already been covered, or do not require application.

Automatic Section Control

Section Control automatically shuts off rows or sections, eliminating double application of seed and fertiliser. It uses the tractor’s GPS system to automatically turn on and off individual planter sections in areas that have already been covered, or at headland turns, point rows, waterways or terraces. Double planting of rows is avoided, enhancing yields and eliminating waste.

Variable Rate Application Control

Vary application rates using prescription maps to better manage field variability. Variability in fields can be influenced by factors such as soil properties, topography, cropping history and field use. GPS position is communicated to the rate controller as the application equipment moves across different zones in the field, enabling it to vary application rates by zone. Rather than just applying a constant seed rate you can apply higher seed populations in well irrigated or highly fertile areas to maximize yield performance and use a lower application rate in less fertile areas or areas with poor irrigation. Also you can tailor chemical and fertiliser application in areas as required, lowering input cost and further enhancing yields.

PLM® ISO Task Controller

Control mixed fleets of ISOBUS compatible implements using your integrated New Holland IntelliView™ IV display.

  • Send commands to an ISOBUS compliant implement to modify its actions based on GPS positioning.
  • Automatically switch on/off planter sections.
  • Prevent seed and fertiliser overlap.
  • Control application rates with prescription maps.
  • Map and log job dates.
  • Single display solution on New Holland equipment for running key tractor functions, auto guidance and controlling mixed fleets of implements.

Manure Management

Spreading waste-based nutrients can help you grow more, while lowering fertiliser cost and protecting the environment. It is important that manure is always applied within an acceptable area and not dispersed where regulations prohibit. Manure management using the FM-750 will record dispersal location and keep track of the nutrients that have been applied on your farm.

Liquid Spreading:

Precisely monitor and control liquid spreading applications, saving input costs and meeting environmental regulations.

  • Create prescription maps and vary the rate depending on manure and soil properties.
  • Ensure that manure is applied in the correct areas and not where regulations prohibit.
  • Track applied nutrients and record dispersal locations.

Dry Spreading:

Utilise the FM-750™ display to help you accurately map and apply dry manure when spreading.

  • Ensure that manure is applied in the correct areas and not where regulations prohibit.
  • Track applied nutrients and record dispersal locations.

Harvest Management

Managing your harvest for guaranteed returns year after year. Integrated New Holland systems help increase yields. Precision farming has been engineered by design into the CR combines and the complete range of BigBalers to provide you with real-time information to maximise both crop and equipment performance.

  • Permanently record your yield in precise locations and store it for future reference.
  • Constantly analyse real-time moisture information to ensure your crop is always harvested in peak condition.
  • Prepare application maps for accurate, site-specific fertilising, seeding and spraying in relation to actual yields to increase your profits.

Real Time Combine Moisture Sensing

New Holland’s moisture sensor measures grain moisture in real time. Samples are taken every 30 seconds and the data is sent to the IntelliView™ monitor. As the information is delivered in real time, the operator is kept continually informed and can adapt machine parameters accordingly. For the most accurate readings, sensor calibration is required for each different crop type.

Combine Yield Mapping

The exclusive patented, high accuracy yield sensor developed by New Holland is generally recognised as the best in class. Its design neutralises the rubbing effect of grain. Whatever the kind, the variety or the moisture content of the kernel, the senor generates an extremely accurate yield measurement. If that wasn’t enough, once you have initially calibrated your sensor at the beginning of the season, no further intervention is required.

On The Go ActiveWeigh™ System

Bale weighing sensors are integrated into the bale discharge chute of the BigBaler and register the weight of the bale at the point at which it becomes free from the chute, just before it drops to the ground. The ActiveWeigh™ system is independent of bale length, field conditions and baler movement. All information, including single bale weight, average weight, total weight and tonnes per hour are all displayed on the IntelliView™ monitor. Furthermore, this all happens while you continue to pick-up for non-stop baling. If that wasn’t enough, a 2% accuracy level means you’ll produce the bales precisely as required.

Baler Moisture Sensing

It is imperative to record bale moisture, as an over-wet crop will spoil and be useless. The BigBaler moisture sensor uses two star wheels to penetrate the bale and an electric current is passed through to determine the exact moisture of the bale. This is then displayed on the IntelliView™ monitor which prevents unready crop from being baled, and enables the precise application of additive.


Connect all your vehicles for efficient farming with PLM®Connect Connected. Productive. Efficient. Agriculture is constantly evolving, and split second decisions have an enormous impact on your business’ profitability. New Holland’s goal was to place farm managers and contractors in every field, even when they are sometimes hundreds of miles away. This is now possible thanks to PLM® Connect. Using mobile telephone technology, users receive dynamic, real-time information on every machine working in their field and can analyse that data to make correct decisions for each and every machine in each and every field.

New Holland Precision Land Management PLM


New Holland knows that modern agribusinesses prize flexibility as it is your passport to higher productivity and profitability. That is why PLM® Connect is fully compatible with all brands of machine and implement. Giving you the flexibility to pick the right machines for your farm. Always.


As you know what is happening in every field you are working in, you can make the right decisions from the comfort of your office. This can help you optimise large machinery fleets: you can plan the next operation based on where machines are now. By keeping an eye on the online vehicle dashboard you can maximise uptime, improve productivity and efficiency and even optimise fuel consumption.


Intuitiveness defines PLM® Connect technology. An intuitive in-cab display means operators can efficiently browse key parameters and communicate with the farm. The easy to use web portal enables accurate management of all data and facilitates speedy decision making based on real time information.


PLM® Certified dealers can help you make the correct choice for your farm. PLM® Customer Support is always on hand to enable you to maximise the performance of your current package. If you want to fine tune your skills, why not enrol on a PLM® End User training course to unlock your PLM® package’s full potential.

The essentials of PLM®Connect

If you are ready to discover how telematics can improve the profitability and productivity of your farm, then PLM® Connect Essential is the right choice for you. Perfect for small and medium sized farms, which operate a multi-branded fleet of machinery and implements, it will enable you to get the most out of every square inch of land.

New Holland Precision Land Management PLM

Maximising Outputs

PLM® Connect Essential technology enables you to compare and contrast the results from different fields and with different operators. By analysing this data, you can then ensure that best practice is replicated across the entire farm to maximise productivity and profitability.

Full Compatibility

PLM® Connect Essential technology is fully compatible with all makes of machine, the only requirement: a 12 volt power supply! This also means that you can use PLM® Connect Essential with older machines that have given you many years of productive service as well as in multi branded fleets. This solution offers you the ultimate in ease of use, as you simply plug the device in and away you go.

Ultimate Machine Security

When your machines are away from the farm, you can use geofencing technology, which will alert you should the machine go outside the predefined parameter. Want more? How about curfew technology? If your machine is away loaned or hired you can set time alerts and location alerts if operated within or outside of set time or working area. Protecting your most valuable assets has never been easier.

Real Time Monitoring

PLM® Connect Essential is your eyes and ears in the field. You can see exactly where each machine is on the intuitive online portal so you can plan just where they are going to go next to minimise productivity-impacting downtime.

Real Time Alerts

This feature alerts you when planned maintenance is due so that it can be scheduled for the most convenient time. If that wasn’t enough, you can see real-time vehicle status on the online virtual dashboard, which enables you to monitor key operating parameters to maximise efficient farming.

“Simplified Planning, Improved Peace of Mind”

“As a dairy farmer whose farm is spread over quite a distance, the PLM® Connect Essential package helped me manage my fleet during baling and wrapping to ensure every tractor was in the right place at the right time. It also gave me peace of mind, that when the tractors were parked up somewhere overnight, I would get an alert should they be moved.”

PLM Connect Professional

Manages your in field fleet from the comfort of your office. New Holland knows that large agribusinesses and contractors have to simultaneously look after many machines undertaking a wide variety of tasks at any one time. Add to that the large distances over which these machines may be spread and the importance of accurately managing each machine is fundamental to ensuring profitable operation. PLM® Connect Professional will help you do all of this and much more.

Accurate Vehicle Comparisons

Courtesy of the online portal, you will be able to accurately compare the performance of multiple machines to ensure that the most efficient machine settings are used across the entire fleet. Moreover, as you have accurate data from each field regarding operating costs, you can provide accurate job costings for every customer.

Remotely Manage Machines From The Office

By using the online virtual vehicle dashboard, you will be able to monitor and advise operators to change parameters, such as engine speed to manage individual vehicle efficiency. This is perfect when working with seasonal workforces or inexperienced operators to ensure they too, reach in-field efficiency as quickly as possible. Furthermore, you can also monitor eventual warning lights to prevent downtime before it occurs.

Be In The Field From The Comfort Of Your Office

Just imagine if you could see every machine’s operating data from the comfort of your office. Well, now that dream is a reality with the optional PLM® Connect Data Transfer available within the PLM® Connect Professional package. Data is now transferred instantaneously from the field to the office and back again, which eliminates the need for you to visit every machine and exchange USB sticks and data cards. This saves you precious time and fuel, and means you respond to changing conditions as they occur. Always.

Interactive Messaging

With PLM® Connect Professional, you can instantly communicate between your office and your operator in the field. By using the online portal, you can communicate key data or instructions to operators, who can respond using predefined messages, to ensure ultimate safety when working.

Optimising Fleet Management

You can monitor up to forty different vehicle parameters in real time. This allows you to pro-actively optimise each vehicle’s settings using a simple messaging service, which is used to send the operator information on how they can implement ideal machine settings to improve performance.

“Optimising Productivity, Improving Planning”

“I run a large contracting operation, and PLM® Connect Professional has enabled me to reduce overall operating costs by ensuring that seasonal labour uses the tractors and combines in the same way as our more experienced operators. Moreover, thanks to accurate data from each field, I can provide every customer with a bespoke job”.

PLM® Software

A complete software package for 360° farm profitability. Advanced PLM operations are demanding increasingly sophisticated monitoring and management techniques, and New Holland has introduced an upgraded PLM software package to meet those requirements. PLM Software is accessed via the PLM® portal.

PLM® Books

Access the profitability of field, livestock herds and equipment and print tax reports for both cash and accrual ledgers. If you want to keep up to date with the inventory for supplies, seeds, chemicals, fertiliser, feed, harvested crops and livestock, then you’ve just found out how!

PLM® Viewer

A zero-cost package, that enables the reading and writing of data such as client, farm and field names together with job data including yield and coverage maps to popular precision farming devices.

PLM® Mapping

This is the main package for record keeping of fields, mapping and analysis. You can layer a variety of topographical and yield maps to establish yield performance, and compare these with average multiple year maps to identify areas that deliver consistently high or low yields. Variable rate prescription maps using formulas based on soil types can also be created, together with yield or other maps. Guidance paths can be created or edited, and reports can be printed for seeds varieties, restricted use chemicals, fertiliser usage, equipment maintenance and more.

PLM® Mobile:

Software that is suitable for the new generation, mobile, handheld field computer devices that includes record keeping, mapping field boundaries and drainage lines, scouting, soil sampling and variable rate application functionality.

PLM® Support

Always with you in the field. New Holland knows that when you require support and assistance you don’t want to wait, that’s why we’ve developed a three pronged approach to PLM® support. The online PLM® Portal is an open-all hours, one stop shop for all of your PLM questions.

PLM® Portal

Via the PLM® Portal you can receive an upgraded service, with both on-line and telephone support, together with classroom training in your own language. You can browse the latest PLM news, search for additional product information and user guides as well as accessing the ‘My Account’ area which contains all of your own personalised information. You can even find out how to get even more from your PLM solution with on-line training videos and tutorials.

PLM® Software Support

You can enrol in a whole host of courses which will enable you to unlock every last ounce of potential from your precision farming packages.

Always In Touch

As PLM® Connect Data Transfer uses mobile telephone technology, you will always be in touch with your machines, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Whether you are in the farm office, in your car or on holiday, as long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to stay in touch with your machines and your operators.

PLM® Cost Saving Calculator

If you would like to find out just how much you could save by using advanced PLM® technology, then download the PLM® cost saving calculator app. Available on all tablets and smart phones, you simply select the task you wish to carry out, such as cultivation or harvesting, enter key parameters including fuel and input costs and the area to be worked, and the app will tell you just how much you could save if you were to use PLM® guidance and/or PLM® input control solutions.

PLM® Academy App

When you are on the go, the new PLM® Academy App gives you remote access to valuable tutorials and videos through your smartphone or tablet.

  • Remotely access tutorials, even while in your machine
  • Easy access for machine operators
  • On the job learning while in the cab or field
  • Videos and tutorials can be watched in `off-line’ mode
  • Continuously updated content.

PLM® Support Centre

A dedicated PLM hot-line is available with highly trained operators waiting to take your call and resolve any potential issues and answer any questions you may have. Contact your local New Holland dealer for the support centre number.

PLM® Certified Dealers

In order to deliver top quality service and support, New Holland has developed the PLM® Certified Dealer programme. Wherever you see this logo, you’re sure to find experts to support your PLM investments.

If you would like any further information on our PLM® range, please contact our PLM sales department.

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