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 Naio Technologies manufacture agricultural robotics solutions for farmers and growers

The Burdens Group Limited are pleased to announce that our Specialist Vegetable Machinery Division based out of our Sutterton depot has recently taken on a new vegetable machinery franchise Naio Technologies.

Created by robotics engineers Gaëtan Séverac and Aymeric Barthes in 2011, Naio Technologies is an Agtech company based in France which designs, manufactures and markets agricultural robotics solutions co-built with farmers and consumers.

Being people and environmentally-friendly, these weeding robots can, in particular, compensate for the lack of an agricultural workforce, reduce the drudgery linked with some agricultural tasks and limit the need for chemical inputs.

To date, nearly 170 robots are in circulation worldwide, including OZ, designed for diversified market gardeners, DINO for weeding open-field vegetables and TED, for wine growing.

Naio Agricultural Robotics Range

The Naio agricultural robotics range uses the very latest technology to bring you a range of products that will assist farmers and growers in their daily tasks to relieve their workload and increase profitability, whilst equally reducing the impact on the environment.

The entire range of Naio Technologies robots and tools are dedicated to healthy and productive agriculture in full respect of the environment.

Choose from:

Naio OZ Weeding Robot

The Naio OZ weeding robot helps you during weeding and hoeing chores to increase profitability while respecting the environment. It is designed to improve working conditions and reduce your daily workload. OZ is entirely autonomous but you can also guide it to go wherever you need.

Because it is autonomous, no supervision is required, leaving you to focus on other tasks. Using your remote control to guide OZ to the starting point, you tell OZ how many rows it needs to weed, how long they are and how far apart they are, and that's it! Once OZ has finished, you will receive a message on your smartphone.

Benefits of using the Naio OZ weeding robot:

  • Saves precious time
  • Can help reduce costs on tractor fuel, labour costs, etc.
  • Can weed and hoe as frequently as needed
  • High degree of precision and doesn't unearth weed seeds that are dormant
  • Helps significantly reduce the seed bank needed for your field
  • Runs on electric, so no exhaust fumes, particularly uses in closed spaces such as greenhouses
  • Lightweight footprint helping to preserve soil structure with less soil compaction
  • Reduce the need for herbicides and other weed control products helping to reduce the risk of polluting your soil and ground water

Technical features include:

  • Size without tools - width 40cm, height 60cm and length 100cm (130cm tool carrier included.
  • Ground clearance - 7cm
  • 4 electric engines of 110W each
  • 4 mounted driving wheels
  • Work autonomy - 3 hours on lead batteries and 4 to 10 hours on Lithium batteries*
  • Battery life - 400 charging cycles on lead batteries and 2000 charges on Lithium batteries*

*Lithium batteries are optional

There are a range of tools and accessories including a weeding brush, spring harrow, spring tine harrow, comb harrow and straight harrow.

Naio DINO Vegetable Weeding Robot

The Naio DINO vegetable weeding robot is designed to make vegetable weeding on large-scale vegetable farms easier. Its main asset is that it works autonomously, so you have more time for tasks with higher added value.

The Naio DINO is the first entirely autonomous electric robot to mechanically weed vegetable crops and allows vegetable farmers to manage crop weeding with a high level of precision, while helping them save time all through the season.

DINO is also highly effective in weeding vegetables that are grown in the field, both in raised vegetable beds and in rows, such as lettuce, carrots, onions, etc.

It works all by itself, without the need for supervision, at a 2 cm precision range, thanks to its GPS RTK guidance system. The robot’s weeding tools are also camera-guided. The vision system detects crop rows and adjusts the weeding tools’ position to allow for high-precision hoeing and weeding.

Benefits of using the Naio DINO vegetable weeding robot:

  • Improved working conditions by reducing drudgery
  • Lower labour and variable costs
  • Reduction in pesticides and plastic crop covers
  • Reduction in tractor fuel costs as it is 100% electric
  • Frees up valuable time so you can concentrate on other tasks
  • Eco-friendly as it weeds crops manually
  • Schedule weed times to suit you best
  • Reduced maintenance costs as it is purely electric

Technical features include:

  • Length 250cm and height 130cm - adjustable distance between wheel axis from 140 to 180 cm, i.e. a maximum length of 250 cm
  • Lithium batteries
  • Autonomy of up to 8 hours
  • 4 wheel traction
  • GPS-RTK Navigation + camera : centimetric precision
  • Work speed of up to 5 Hectares per day (under ideal conditions, values may vary)
  • Work width: Rows from 120 to 160 cm / 47.2 to 63 inches – inter-row is possible from 15 to 50 cm / 6 to 20 inches
  • Speed up to 4km/hour (2.5 miles/hour)

There are a range of accessories available including a ploughshares in several shapes and widths, spiked harrows and star-toothed harrows.

Naio TED Vineyard Weeding Robot

The Naio Technologies TED vineyard weeding robot is a highly precise weeding tool for vineyards. Its main asset is that it allows wine growers to spend more time on tasks with a higher value-add. 

It is also an excellent alternative to chemical weed killers, which are often a part of traditional wine growing practices. Also the robot’s weight has been kept to a minimum (900 kg) to avoid compacting the soil and is the first entirely autonomous electric robot on the market to efficiently maintain and weed vine rows with a high level of precision.

It works all by itself, at centimetre precision and without any assistance, thanks to its GPS RTK guidance system. Plots are mapped out automatically with the help of a photographic drone.

Benefits of using the Naio TED vineyard weeding robot:

  • Takes the strain out of weeding and optimises working conditions
  • Lowers variable costs
  • 100% electric to reduce carbon footprint
  • Saves on the purchase of chemical weed kill products
  • Allows you to schedule your weeding intervals to suit
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Technical features include:

  • Length 230 cm – Width 150 to 200 cm (adjustable) – Height 150 to 200 cm (adjustable)
  • designed to weed vineyards (inter-row>150cm)
  • 100% electric using Lithium batteries
  • Autonomy of up to 8 hours
  • 4 wheel drive traction
  • GPS RTK navigation: centimetric precision
  • Work surface of up to 40 Hectares
  • Speed up to 4km/h

Find out more about the Naio Technologies range of weeding robots by contacting our Specialist Vegetable Machinery Division or the Naio Technologies website.


More information on each of the Naio weeding robots can be found below by selecting the applicable brochure.

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