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The Burdens Group Limited are pleased to announce their new sales franchise Horizon Agricultural Machinery.

These products will be sold out of our Sutterton and North Kyme depots to compliment our already comprehensive range of agricultural machinery to provide a complete solution to farmers and contractors throughout Lincolnshire.

Horizon Agricultural Machinery Limited, based near Spalding in Lincolnshire are committed to designing and manufacturing innovative no-till and strip-till products that promote soil regeneration, to help improve productivity, yield and profitability.

Horizon Agricultural Machinery Product Range

Horizon Agricultural Machinery Limited manufacture a wide range of products including:

Find out more about each product in the Horizon range below.

Horizon DSX Direct Seed Drill

The Horizon DSX Direct Seed Drill is the ultimate direct seed drill featuring cutting-edge technology to deliver accurate, consistent seed placement with minimal soil disturbance, thanks to innovative features that include:

  • Unique undercut design for consistent penetration and closing
  • In-cab controlled pneumatic row cleaners make residue management easy
  • Centrally controlled hydraulic downforce, provides 30cm of travel for market-leading seed placement
  • In-cab controlled pneumatic closing system for perfect slot closure
  • Flexible hopper set up allowing the delivery of different seeds at different depths
  • Available in frame sizes from 4 metres up to 9 metres
  • Rows from 16 to 54
  • Spacings from 16.7cm to 25cm
Burdens Group Horizon DSX Direct Seed Drill

Horizon SPX Strip-Till Cultivator

The Horizon SPX Strip-Till Cultivator combines the process of conventional tillage with the soil-protecting advantages of no-till by disturbing only the portion of the soil that is to contain the seed row, thanks to innovative features that include:

  • Rigid toolbar in two widths - 3 metre and 6 metre with 4 or 6 rows on 3 metre and 6 or 8 rows on 6 metre
  • Expanding foldable toolbar in two widths - 4.4 metre and 6 metre with 6 or 8 rows on 4.4 metre and 8 or 12 rows on 6 metre
  • The mounted toolbar is directly attached to the tractor 3-point linkage, so that the SPX perfectly follows the GPS, which is essential for the following planter operation
  • Pneumatically controlled row cleaners with CleanSweep technology can be adjusted in-cab for quick and accurate adjustment
  • The positioning, widths and angles of the deflector discs can be easily adjusted offering multiple of berm building options
  • The pneumatic consolidation system with in-cab adjustment offers different wheel options for different soil types
Burdens Group Horizon SPX Strip-Till Cultivator

Horizon Liquid Fertiliser Tank

The Horizon Liquid Fertiliser Tank is the perfect addition to any seed drill set-up, whether it is a new Horizon DSX or an existing machine from an alternative manufacturer. These tanks come complete with pump, pipework and tablet-based rate controller - ready for installation.

  • 3 point hitch mounted
  • GPS speed sensor to eliminate complicated wiring
  • Easy to read Wilger flow pressure indicators
  • Split tank option
Burdens Group Horizon Liquid Fertiliser Tank

Horizon PPX Precision Planter

The Horizon PPX Precision Planter has been designed to work in conjunction with Precision Planting technology, this partnership ensures that every seed planted has the best possible start in life, ultimately increasing the chances of it developing into a profitable plant.

  • High tensile construction
  • Range of frame sizes to accommodate different row configurations
  • Both ridged and folding frames available
  • Built to accommodate Precision Planting technology
  • Built-in camber adjustment to easily alter gauge wheel angle
Burdens Group Horizon PPX Precision Planter

Horizon Planter Components

Horizon offer a wide range of planter components including:

  • PPX rigid frame
  • PPX folding frame
  • PPX wing extension
  • PPX wing weight assembly
  • PPX wing weight
  • PPX-N row unit base
  • PPX gauge wheel set
  • PPX row cleaner assembly
  • PPX signalisation kit
  • PPX marker

For more information on the Horizon Agricultural Machinery range of products please contact us or visit the Horizon Agriculture website.

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