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AMS Belrobotics Mowers for automated mowing, lower emissions and lower costs

The Burdens Group Limited are pleased to announce that our Groundcare Professional Division based out of our North Kyme depot has recently taken on a new groundcare franchise AMS Robotics.

AMS Robotics are based in Grantham, Lincolnshire and manufacture a range of robotic mowers suitable for use on golf courses, football and rugby grounds, sports amenities such as parks and anywhere needing this type of mower.

AMS Belrobotics Mower Range

The AMS Belrobotics mower offers the highest performance and the most innovative robot lawn mower on the market today. The benefits of using a robotic mower are reduced working time, unrivalled turf quality and can offer an overall saving of up to 50% over conventional mowers due to having double the service life, being less expensive to buy and saving labour costs as less time and effort is needed.

Belrobotics mowers are being used by thousands of professionals, sports clubs, land owners and even in complex public and private facilities.

There is the AMS Belrobotics Bigmow which is suitable for maintaining large areas up to 24,000 m² such as sports pitches and the AMS Belrobotics Parcmow which is suitable for smaller areas below 12,000 m².

Choose from:

AMS Belrobotics Bigmow Mower

The AMS Belrobotics Bigmow mower is the most high performance robot mower in the world, capable of maintaining up to 24,000 m² of turf and is recommended for sports pitches, driving ranges, public spaces or private estates.

Fitted with 5 floating cutting heads that adapt instantly to the ground elevation. In total, 15 stainless steel blades provide perfect, constant mulching. With its 5 sonars, the automower will instantly deactivate its cutting system if it encounters an unexpected obstacle, and offers a cutting width of 103cm for uniform, safe working.

Bigmow works completely autonomously in all the zones delimited by the perimeter wire.

The Burdens Group AMS Belrobotics-Bigmow Mower

AMS Belrobotics Parcmow Mower

The AMS Belrobotics Parcmow mower is best suited to individuals and public bodies and to businesses that have to manage green spaces up to 12,000 m².

Parcmow is fitted with 3 floating cutting heads that adapt instantly to the ground elevation. All in all, it is these 9 stainless steel blades that ensure impeccable constant mulching. Parcmow is also fitted with sonars to detect any unexpected obstacle and stop operating instantly, offering permanent quality mowing, without disruptive noise.

Parcmow automatically monitors the maintenance of your green spaces, without the need for human intervention. Its quiet-running and ecological action is combined with reduced usage costs. The charging process at a low voltage station is automated and safe. A durable mow with average annual energy consumption at barely 580 kWh.

The Burdens Group AMS Belrobotics Parcmow Mower

AMS Belrobotics Ballpicker

The AMS Belrobotics Ballpicker is an automated driving range ball picker. A worldwide patented exclusive golf ball picker adopted by various clubs that keep an eye on their figures. Its coverage capacity of 30,000 m² allows it to collect more than 250 balls per cycle, that is 12,000 balls every 24 hours. The Ballpicker works completely autonomously, and keeps the driving range accessible at all times. The chore of collecting is now a thing of the past.

The Ballpicker is fitted with a roller with 5 groups of 4 polythene discs providing quiet and systematic collection. The built-in sonar sensors guarantee total safety on the driving range. Your stock of balls is always provided due to work carried out by the robot day and night. A GPS system allows it to return to its base in the shortest possible time, where it will empty its load of balls and charge its batteries if needed. In brief, the Ballpicker collects without disturbing the golfers.

The Ballpicker is fitted with a ball tank with a capacity of 400. When it has collected about 250 balls, it returns to its base to empty its balls into a drop pit and top up its batteries. The balls are automatically forwarded to a ball cleaner and distributor. The efficiency of the Ballpicker is even better when there is a high concentration of balls. It can be programmed with multiple zones and be managed by commands sent by SMS to, for example, go and collect balls where they have accumulated. Then, the other zones will be dealt with overnight or during a quieter day offering pure efficiency.

The Burdens Group AMS Belrobotics Ballpicker

Unique Piloting Technology

Belrobotics charging stations emit an exclusive signal to create an individual electromagnetic field. The automatic lawn mowers are equipped so as not to be influenced by other electromagnetic signals. Moving one or more Belrobotics robot mowers over very large mowing zones can be done without any conflict.

All you have to do is control the performance of your smart lawn mowers with your smartphone. Stopping, piloting or restarting a robot mower is done at your fingertips. If there is a malfunction, the machine will inform you using the Belrobotics App, to simplify your life.

The Burdens Group AMS Belrobotics Mobile App

Long Term Return on Investment

The Belrobotics equipment is not developed just for domestic use. The robot mowers are designed to perform professional work for several years. The materials and each of the parts are selected and tested under the most stringent conditions corresponding to the ground conditions, and even beyond that.

Your robot will withstand any atmospheric and other conditions without any risk. The LiFePO4 fitted in the Belrobotics robots are, in their category, the most powerful in the world. They only require a reduced recharging time for a long usage time. Possibly the best ever.

Belrobotics technology allows you to manage a fleet of robots operating on one or more field at the same time. The robot mowers work as a team and may have identical or different operating programs.

Features and Technology

AMS Belrobotic mowers use cutting edge features and technology including:

  • Guide wire and autonomous mowing: Well-designed installation is the key to the performance of Belrobotics smart lawn mowers. A detailed diagram of the grounds allows the working areas to be defined properly. A buried perimeter wire will delimit the mowing zone and will allow the robot mower to avoid obstacles. This means the mowing strategy is never interrupted and is performed completely autonomously. A history of operation and productivity will allow you to refine the mowing program.
  • Safe charging station: The Belrobotics automatic lawn mowers are programmed to charge their batteries at any time. This is a process that can be carried out flawlessly thanks to a charging arm positioned at 45 ° and a completely safe low voltage power supply. Robot mowers connect to the charging station in automatic mode.
  • Guidance and navigation without detours: The on-board technology of Belrobotics smart lawn mowers was designed from the start to be able to operate on very large areas. The quality of guidance signal is such that stray signals will not disrupt the work of the robot mowers, even in an extreme or industrial environment. Faced with an unexpected obstacle or to return to the charging station, the smart lawn mower makes use of Decawave and GPS technologies. This saves a considerable amount of time and improves reliability.
  • Multiple safety systems: The Belrobotics robot mowers are fitted with sonars and sensors allowing them to detect obstacles and to adapt their route accordingly. Your equipment and your visitors will remain safe. The cutting blades are equipped with protective deflectors. And if the robot mower is lifted, the rotation of the blades stops immediately. You can be assured that we have thought of everything.
  • Anti-theft system and warning in case of malfunction: If the robot lawn mower is lifted or overturned, it immediately stops working.
  • And if it is tampered with, you are warned by the Belrobotics app and we can trace the thief using the exclusive ‘Track & Trace’ system built into our smart lawn mowers. A protection PIN can also be activated. And if there is a malfunction, you will be also be warned by the app at the same time as the Belrobotics technical centre.
  • Clean cutting and 100% natural fertilisation: Grass can grow at up to 4 – 8 cm a week. The Belrobotics robot mowers are programmed to obtain constant and effective mulching. Depending on the program chosen, the total area of your field will be mown at least 3 to 5 times a week. The vegetable matter from mulching will fertilise the soil in a 100% natural way. The turf will be in top condition and you can say goodbye to weeds.
  • Slopes of up to 45%: The Belrobotics robot lawn mowers are fitted with anti-slip wheels controlled by a powerful motor. This guarantees effective working even on wet ground or which slopes at 30%, or 45%, if the upgrade kit is provided.
  • Silent operation: Belrobotics automatic lawn mowers are suitable for quiet environments. Almost imperceptible from tens of metres away (maximum 52 dB A), mowing can be done overnight and on Sundays.
  • For any weather: Belrobotics automowers never stop. Adapted programming and durable materials allow working outside permanently and in any atmospheric conditions. Forget about the rain and put your robot mower to the test. If there is frost, the robot mower automatically returns to its station

Four Main Exclusive Benefits

Using AMS Belrobotic Mowers will give you these exclusive benefits:

  1. 50% more savings than conventional mowing – Quality conventional mowing requires a considerable amount of labour, regular maintenance of the equipment and energy costs. None of this is needed with Belrobotics robots as they work independently and tirelessly, are made of robust materials and only need the electricity needed to recharge them.
  2. Perfect turf and uniform grass – Nothing is more pleasant than to be able to show healthy, impeccably mown grass to your visitors and players. Belrobotics automatic lawn mowers are fitted with floating heads and stainless steel blades that cope perfectly with any unevenness of the ground. It is an unrivalled technology that maintains your turf and by extension, your reputation. They will admire and talk about your grounds.
  3. Labour optimised to the maximum – Day and night, the Belrobotics robot mowers run their program at any time to maintain the perfect result. You will benefit from a workforce that is very economical, available 24/7 and which performs with quality. This allows both you and your team to concentrate on other tasks. With our automowers to support you.
  4. 90% reduction in CO² emissions to ensure sustainability – You can dispense with using excessive chemical fertilisers, waste management for grass cuttings and lawns that are not weather-resistant. The result of mowing carried out by Belrobotics smart lawn mowers is 100 % natural, because they are fitted with blades that ensure perfect mulching, which means fertilising your grounds and unprecedented resistance.

Find out more about the AMS Belrobotics range of mowers by contacting our Groundcare department at North Kyme or by visiting the AMS Robotics website.

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