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Burdens staff take part in Lincolnshire Tractor Run

During December 2022, two members of Burdens staff took part in two tractor runs in Lincolnshire, both in aid of very special charities.

Staff members Beth and Danielle helped do their bit to help raise funds for the Lincolnshire Rural Support Network & Lincolnshire & Nottingham Air Ambulance charities

Both charities are very big within the farming community and have helped a lot of people we know in the industry including, friends, family, work colleagues, customers, farm workers, farm managers and lorry drivers in various ways.

Danielle, who come out of the car industry and into the agricultural industry, had never driven a tractor before only had two lessons, but is now is one of our chief tractor drivers in the business.

Burdens Lincolnshire Tractor Run

Lincolnshire Tractor Run number one

The first of the two tractor runs was on Sunday 11th December and was held by Spalding Young Farmers.

For this first run, we dressed a New Holland T7.270 tractor like a reindeer, putting Christmas lights around our welded antlers attached to our mirrors.

Danielle, being the creative one, also designed and made a red nose for the front of the tractor, which was mounted on the front linkage.

After four hours of decorating the tractor was ready.

The Spalding Young Famers tractor run had a turnout of 74 tractors and 4 lorries and was in aid of the two charities Lincolnshire Rural Support Network and Lincolnshire & Nottingham Air Ambulance.

This tractor run helped raise £300.00 for the two charities.

Burdens Lincolnshire Tractor Run

Lincolnshire Tractor Run number two

The following Sunday, the 18th December, Beth, Danielle and the New Holland T7.270 still dressed with the antlers, but now with a Christmas tree on the front linkage, headed up north to Louth for the Louth Christmas Charity Tractor Run.

The Louth Tractor Run, had a turnout of 108 tractors and was in aid of Lincolnshire Rural Support Network.

The Louth Tractor Run was 35 miles long in total and took a couple of hours to complete.

Neither Beth or Danielle had ever seen crowds like it for a tractor run.

Throughout the trip, even on the normally quiet back country roads, there was cars on grass verges and in farm gateways, with children in their pyjamas, wrapped up in blankets smiling & laughing.

There were even people hanging out of upstairs windows, keeping out the cold as temperatures hovered below zero degrees.

Total money raised is still being calculated, but both Beth and Danielle are extremely grateful to everyone who turned out in the cold to watch this event.

Burdens Lincolnshire Tractor Run
Burdens Lincolnshire Tractor Run

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