Spot Spraying The Mona Lisa

Agrifac attempt Spot Spraying the Mona Lisa


The Agrifac team in Holland carried out a world record attempt at spraying the largest ‘painting’ in the world, with their version of the famous Mona Lisa in the snow nearby the factory using StrictSprayPlus and DynamicDosePlus! 

Agrifac has been actively developing and supplying Spot Spraying technology since 2016 and worldwide, hundreds of self propelled sprayers are now equipped with this unique technique of spraying.

The idea behind spraying out the painting of the Mona Lisa, was to show how Spot Spraying can reduce the amount of chemicals being used, be more cost effective and help for a better environment.

To show how accurate Spot Spraying is, Agrifac used an environmentally friendly dye and made this painting in the snow. Measuring 132 metres by 200 metres, this ‘painting’ is one of the largest ever.

Some impressive figures include 1635 sprayed litres at an average rate 525 l/ha, with precision of 25*25cm.


Spot Spraying The Mona Lisa


What is Spot Spraying?


There are nozzles every 25cm on the boom, which means the grower can spray on plant level. Each nozzle can dose independently. This is done with a fast-switching nozzle that switches on and off 100 times per second. By loading a taskmap into the machine, spraying can be done precisely and accurately. By means of GPS, spraying at the exact location required is possible.


Spot Spraying The Mona Lisa


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