SwiftLift Elevators and Conveyors

SwiftLift manufacture a range of elevators and conveyors designed to handle a variety of root crops and cereals including potatoes, carrots, beet, parsnips, flower bulbs and much more.

The Burdens Group Specialist Vegetable Machinery Division are a main dealer for SwiftLift covering Lincolnshire and surrounding areas and have nearly 40 years of experience with the company. 

We have built up a lot of experience in after-sales support of this product and can offer our best advice on which model will be best suited to your requirements.

SwiftLift Extendo Elevator

The SwiftLift Extendo elevator is the flagship of the range as is available with 600mm and 900mm wide belts.

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This model has two booms with the upper one sliding inside the lower one, giving a length of 9.1 metres (29ft 10″) when fully retracted and 14.1 metres (46ft 4″) when fully extended.

When fully retracted this makes transportation and storage easier.

The soft rubber belts if used in conjunction with 25mm high cleats, will help to reduce the rollback of the crop, minimising damage and making store or bulker loading quicker and easier.

Automatic slewing is included, as is luffing of the head and variable speed of the booms is standard. Options include power transmission of the road wheels and radio remote control. Longer boom lengths are also now available.

SwiftLift Euro Elevators

The SwiftLift Euro range of elevators are open frame, single boom machines in a range of lengths from 8.5 metres up to 13 metres and the width is 600mm.

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Luffing and slewing heads are available and height adjustment is by hand or powered hydraulics. Speeds vary between 50m/min to 70m/min, and it is powered by three phase motors.

Basic design includes drawbar, ballast weights, electrical controls, and mains cable. Options include hoppers, cushioned descender for potatoes and petrol or diesel engine alternative power sources.

SwiftLift Interstore Elevators

These elevators have folded sides and are available in three ranges to provide choice dependent on individual needs.

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T Range:

  • 600mm wide
  • Available in lengths from 9 metres to 12 metres with a moulded cleated belt.
  • Choice of variable or fixed speed drive and hand or powered hydraulic lift.
  • Options include a swinging head, hoppers, power transmission and grain chutes.

L Range:

  • Shorter range of elevators, available from 4.5 metres to 7.5 metres
  • 600mm wide
  • They come with hand hydraulic or pin height adjustment and a moulded, cleated belt.
  • Options include hoppers, power transmission and grain chutes.

TS Range:

  • Single boom machine mounted on a slewing platform
  • 600mm wide
  • Powered hydraulic adjustment and a moulded cleated belt.
  • Lengths available are 10.5 metres and 12 metres.
  • Options include Safedown head, different style hoppers, power transmission and variable speed.

SwiftLift Interstore Conveyors

These conveyors are available in widths of 600mm and 900mm and as single and double conveyors.

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Single conveyors in available in lengths of 7.5 metres and 9.75 metres, whereas the double conveyors are 8.8 metres extending to 14.3 metres and 11.05 metres extending to 18.8 metres.

The conveyors are supplied with tow bars, detachable hoppers, electric starter, and mains cable.

Options available include variable speed drives, screwjack castor wheels and conveyor to elevator coupling brackets.

If you would like any further information on the range of SwiftLift elevators and SwiftLift conveyors, please contact us.

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